16% of all strokes are attributable to Atrial Fibrillation3

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15-20% of all sudden deaths are due to cardiac arrythmia’s4

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Wireless, showerproof, unobtrusive monitoring for patient convenience​

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Rapid reporting 4 hours post monitoring completion helps assist clinical care planning

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Heart Health Care

  • Vigo Heart is a revolutionary wearable solution that redefines the approach to cardiovascular health and atrial fibrillation management. With the increasing prevalence of heart disease and related conditions such as diabetes, stroke, syncope, sudden cardiac death, and sleep apnea 1,2,3,4,5,6 there is a pressing need for innovative solutions that focus on prevention and well-being.
  • By leveraging advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, and comprehensive mobile applications for both patients and clinicians, Vigo Heart offers a comprehensive solution. The device itself is a compact, wireless patch that is showerproof, ensuring high user compliance and uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Vigo Heart captures high-quality data with an accuracy rate of 96.7%6. With continuous cardiac rhythm monitoring for up to 4 days, a more comprehensive assessment is provide compared to intermittent monitoring 7,8,9. Studies have shown that extended long-term electrocardiograph (ECG) monitoring is significantly more effective in detecting arrhythmias, detecting 87% of arrhythmias over 4 days compared to 55% over 1 day7.
  • Vigo Heart combines convenience with clinical accuracy by delivering timely and actionable reports to clinicians within 4 hours post the end of monitoring. This assists healthcare professionals in making critical decisions and determining clinical diagnoses.
  • The seamless integration between Vigo Heart and healthcare professionals leads to enhanced patient care, improved outcomes, and early intervention when necessary. Moreover, it helps to optimise practice time and reducing costs while providing a leading-edge technological service.
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Medical Grade devices with user friendly features to enable patient monitoring within and outside of care settings.

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Guardian Medical Solutions Limited is a medical technology (MedTech) company that utilises technological advances and latest scientific knowledge to provide healthcare professionals with better tools to improve patient outcomes.

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Guardian Medical Solutions is pleased to announce the TGA approval for the Vigo Heart electrocardiograph (ECG) patch (ARTGI 404983) which can assist clinicians to detect more arrhythmias...

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